About the Site

In this small, short section is just the overview of the entire site and its history.

The site first started on August 18th, 2005, mainly as a fanlisting collective called, "Connected" mainly because I was at a lost for site names. Also, it fit perfectly with the site's concept.

Throughout the time, I began to be interested in online Trading Card Games. I did not want to create a separate subdomain for just the TCGs, so I decided to merge the TCGs with the fanlistings - since each did not take up a lot of space.

Soon after, I became tired of the site's name. I kept pondering and pondering on what to name the site. Nothing really came into mind. Until, I remembered my old (my very first -- around 2002-2003) blog site's name. It was Zero Reflections. It is a site name that has been with me for a long time. So, I really wanted to keep it with me. So, on January 20th, 2008, Connected has become Zero Reflections.

Suddenly, on September 15th, 2008, I decided to change the name to Fan Box. The name came from my first fanlisting collective back in 2004-2005. Now, FanBox mainly consists of my owned and joined fanlistings. I stopped playing online TCGs.

About the Owner

I go by Jayme online. I love the idea of fanlistings. My first fanlisting was actually an anime one. It was devoted to the tennis group, Seigaku from Prince of Tennis. I was very new the idea. But, I owned other ones such as Sohma Momiji (Fruits Basket), Takuto (Full Moon wo Sagashite), and Hiead Gner (Candidate for Goddess). Unfortunately, when I got a new domain and host, I could not save my fanlistings (the databases) could not work. I had to close down my fanlistings.

I had stopped building and joining fanlistings for some time. However, when I became obsessed with the Japanese group w-inds., I wanted to show my devotion somehow. I stumbled upon the fanlisting for them, and wanted to make a relationship one. ;) So, I did that. I then began to build more for my interests; and that is where I am today.

If you would like to know more, you can read my blog: Unfading Scar.

Current Layout

Version 3.0 features Bardroy, Maylene, Finnian, and Tanaka from Kuroshitsuji! The layout is extremely simple. I first created the FanBox part and wanted to find an image that fit. I stumbled upon this nifty PNG and added it in. I love all their expressions.

Past Layouts

Version 2.0
Blossoms in the Air features Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservior Chronicles. The layout was a simple div layers layout. It was extremely pink and yellow with lots of flowers around it. It was decent and functional.

Version 1.0
I do not remember much about this layout. I know it was an I-frames. It was simple but small.