...To FanBox, Jayme's fanlisting collective. It stores all of the joined, owned, and upcoming fanlistings. You can view what my favorites are and join any that you are a fan of too. The navigation is on the top.

This current layout was created by Jayme. It was done in PhotoShop 7 and coded in Notepad. The PNG is from Kuusou. The brushes is by Moargh.de. You can read more about the layout here.


Total # of Fanlistings Joined: 111 (Pending: 3)
Total # of Fanlistings Owned: 10 (Upcoming: 0)
Total # of Fans Approved: 1320 (Pending: 30)
Recent Fanlisting Built: Beyond a Doubt
Newest Fanlisting Joined: Glee


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