Luminous was created on January 5th, 2009. It was adopted from Teri. I decided to keep the name Luminous because I always do that for all the fanlistings I adopt. Also, because Luminous fits perfectly with Ikuta Toma.

Current Layout

version 1.0 of Luminous was made in Photoshop 7 and coded in Notepad. At first, I had lots of trouble coming up with a layout. I would looked at a scan of Ikuta Toma, I would try to make a layout out of it, but each time I would end up hating it. So, I decided to quickly think of a outline sketch of what I wanted. At first, I wanted a half moon type of curve (of where the circles are) but it looked kind of weird, so instead I went with the circles. The footer was made very quickly. I love the simplicity of the layout.