Ikuta Toma 生田斗真

Nicknames: Touma, Toma-chan, Tomasu
Occupation: Actor and singer
Birthdate: October 7th, 1984
Birthplace: Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan
Height: 173cm
Star sign: Libra
Blood type: A
Family: Father, Mother (Hiromi), Younger brother (Ryuusei), and a dog (JAM)
Favorite Music: Backstreet Boys, X Japan, GLAY

Ikuta Toma is a popular Johnny Junior, part of Johnny's Entertainment. He joined at the age of twelve. At first he was in a group called M.A.I.N. which consisted of Matsumoto Jun, Masaki Aiba, and Kazunari Ninomiya. After M.A.I.N, he was in B.I.G. (Bad Image Generation) which consisted of ten other juniors, where he met Yamashita Tomohisa and became good friends with. Then, he was grouped into Four Tops along with YamaPi, Hasegawa Jun, and Kazama Shunsuke. After Four Tops disbanded, Toma went to work solo.

Aside from music, Toma also does musical stage plays. He also has his own mobile diary, Tomagoto (Toma's words) in which he writes his own thoughts and experiences. in addition, he has his own corner on Wink Up magazine, called Ikuta Toma no Ikita Kotoba. He writes a one page essay about his daily experiences and adds pictures taken from his own camera.

Here are some of his works (not all have been included)


Due to his talents in acting, Toma has received awards for: Best Supporting Actor (in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) from the 54th Television Drama Academy Awards; Best Supporting Actor (in Honey & Clover) from the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix, Winter 2007.