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This fanlisting is for Arthur. The popular children show that airs Monday through Friday. Arthur is actually popular among older fans. The show currently has 12 seasons and is still in production. Arthur sets in Elwood City, where various characters live. In each episode, you follow Arthur (or other characters) on an adventure, learning about life.


 Daily Adventures [Little Bear] Hard shell, Soft heart [Franklin] Idealist [Arnold from Hey Arnold]


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Arthur Updates:
The rest of the episodes of Season 13 are airing in April 5th-9th in USA. Check your local listings. Make sure to check it out!

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- I am currently using a new script, FanUpdate, to easily update this fanlisting. =)
- I added a new script, CodeSort, so people can now donate through the website instead of having to email them. Now, it’s easier to donate codes!

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